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Technical papers, industry news & web site links providing guidance as to the design requirements of tanks & cisterns

Technical Papers to download

ATCM Sectional Tank Specification

Cistern and Tanks - as time goes by                              

Reliable, effective water storage                                    

Cistern and Tank Base Support Requirements             

Screened Overflow & Warning Pipe Design Parameters 

Bellmouth Overflows & Raised Float Valve Housings               

Float Valves - Their Ins & Outs                                           

Tank & Cistern Breather Vent determination              

Corrosion - Fundamentals and practical guidance           

Vortex Inhibitors - What are they and who needs them     

Sparge Pipes - Their ins and outs                                        

Tank Level Switches and all that jazz                                 

Type AB Air Gaps - Practical Examples                                     

Air Gap Calculations - Multiple cistern inlets 

ATCM AB Air Gap and Spill Slot Calculator  based on the updated European and British Standard, BS EN 13077:2008.  Enter Tank Inlet size, Weir Slot width and % free area of its Screen (if fitted) and the position of the Critical Water Level within the tank is advised and whether the Spill Slot design is Regulation compliant.

ATCM Cistern / Tank Capacity Calculator   based on BS 6700:1997 recommendations. Dependant on the duty or application selected the "Actual Useable Capacity" is calculated guidance is advised as to the required "Nominal Capacity" in order to determine the physical dimensions of the cistern or tank. Also advised is the Nominal Capacity of an associated Break or Booster tank should this be a requirement.  

Industry News

ATCM driving up standards

ATCM members are actively engaged with the Regulating Authorities to ensure the tank and cistern products brought to market are the most appropriate for their respective duties and are fully compliant with regulatory requirements.  

ATCM / WRAS - Design guidance for Cisterns and Tanks

The ATCM and the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) have jointly produced a WRAS Information and Guidance Note (IGN) entitled "Cold Water Storage Cisterns - Design Recommendations for Mains Supply Inlets". WRAS publication, IGN No. 9-04-04, is available to download

A practical guide to assist designers, installers and  users of water supply systems to ensure appropriate backflow protection (Air Gap) is provided within a cistern having mains water supply inlet/s  for Water Regulation Fluid Categories 1 to 5.

Useful Links

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999   




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